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Why you should just do the thing.

June 28, 2018

Imagine you are a candle. The wick is your life line. It runs right down your core. From the start to the very end, or the end to the very start (it depends which way you look at it). Unless of course you are Roald Dahl and your candle burns at both ends, in which case precious time should not be wasted assigning such labels of perspective.



You know how it goes. When you are born, somebody lights the match. Sometimes the fire doesn’t catch, though. And the people that love us like to think that if the wind blew in a different direction on that day, or the universe had shifted slightly on its axis things might have been different. When really, it just wasn’t meant to be. But if you are lucky, the flame will catch. This is the first day of your life. From this day you will burn until you burn out. But don’t be fooled, not every candle is created equally. We all make it to the end, in the end. The only catch is, that whilst we can bring the end forward if we wish, we have much less control when it comes to pushing it back. Even lesser is our knowledge of how fast (or slow) approaching that certain end might be.


Rather than be disheartened by this inevitable blindfold of the human condition, we must seek to fuel the fire with oxygen while it still burns. We can do this through experiences. Embrace them, say yes and accept the risk because you know the view will be worth it. Fill your passport, speak your truth and spread kindness like glitter. Everywhere and anywhere. Heck knows, the world needs more of it.


You will blow out many candles in your time. Hopefully lots and lots of them, and eventually with the help of little mouths. When the bonfire atop your cake becomes a fire risk, you will know you have been very lucky. You should always make wishes, but most importantly you should make them happen before your own flame begins to smoulder. Don’t leave it too little too late.


So what exactly am I saying in this round-about way metaphorically clichéd way? Just do the thing. Tell the person you love that you love them (bonus points if you do it in person - the medium is the message, people). Buy the tickets (not the tights). Say sorry. Run the marathon. Eat the whole block. Get on the plane. Take the leap. Send in the application. Embrace the deep end. Stand on the edge. Admit defeat, but don’t be defeated. Quit the job. Quit the person. Quit the lifestyle. But don’t ever, ever, under any circumstances, quit the flame.









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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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